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18th Nov 2018

WATCH: Ray D’Arcy’s Interview With Porn Star Stormy Daniels Got Painfully Awkward Last Night

Darragh Berry

If you wanted something to bring you down after the euphoric Irish win, then Ray D’Arcy’s chat with Stormy Daniels was the come down that you needed.

The former porn star, who is best known for sleeping with Donald Trump, was on the RTÉ show on Saturday night.

And shock, she was promoting a book.

Daniels spent a good 15 minutes what could only be described as ‘shiteing on’ about her relations with the US president while she also bragged about how she slept with other famous celebrities too.


The audience were extremely hostile. They were silent, stone-cold silent and it was almost as if they were confused and left wondering why on earth she was on the show.

The viewers at home found the interview just as awkward as everyone else and everyone just wanted it to end as quickly as possible.

But it didn’t and so went on the 25-30 minute interview that nobody wanted to see.

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