New Irish Sitcom Tipped To Be EVEN BIGGER Than Derry Girls

We're talking in the same category as Father Ted too...

Young Offenders Feb 1

We were all absolutely ecstatic when we heard that the TV series version of mega popular Irish movie The Young Offenders was being released and it is able to watch on BBC 3 player from 1 February.

The six-part series follows the adventures of teenage eejits Conor and Jock as they navigate through their adolescent years. 

The series, written, directed and executive produced by award-winning filmmaker Peter Foott, filmed for eight weeks at locations across Cork city and county.

The show aired on BBC3 on February 1 and will also be available on RTE screens from February 8 at 9:30pm.

Each of the six shows will be half an hour long and each 30 minutes will be jam-packed full of giggles.

If the show is any way as good as the movie then everyone is in for an absolute treat of a time. 

You can watch a sneak peek of the new series here

This is how the new series goes down according to BBC: 

"Conor's long suffering mother Mairead tries to keep both her son and his best friend on the straight and narrow, with varying degrees of success. 

"Friendship, loyalty, laughter and lots of mischief bring best pals Conor and Jock into conflict with their headmaster, leaving Conor's mum to pick up the pieces. To add fuel to the fire, the lads strike up friendships with the headmaster's daughters."

The Scotsman states in their review that: "The Young Offenders could be BBC's answer to Derry Girls".

We just can't wait tbh. 

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