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30th Jul 2018

This Famous Guest Breaks Into Tears During RTÉ Interview Live On Air This Morning

Darragh Berry

It’s not often that you are almost forced to turn off the radio from an interview but this one on RTÉ on Monday morning was extremely hard to listen to.

Michael Jackson’s brother, Jackie Jackson was in tears as he spoke to Dave Fanning who was warming the seat for Ryan Tubridy who is currently on holidays.

Fanning spoke to Jackson about their past touring as the Jackson five and with this, attention turned to Michael’s death in 2009.

Jackie said that he still found the death “very painful” and broke into tears as he retold where he was when Michael passed away.

“I was walking through the Venetian Hotel and I had Jermaine’s boys with me because they were visiting me for the summer.

“I was passing by this store where Michael buys a lot of his antiques and all of a sudden they had a monitor up showing Michael buying antiques inside the store. And all of a sudden this guy said, ‘I heard Michael Jackson just died’.

“I turned around and looked at him and I just kept walking, I didn’t think anything about it. We just kept walking, myself and my wife and Jermaine’s sons, and then I heard someone else saying, ‘Michael Jackson just died’.

“So I get on the phone and I call my mom and my mom said, ‘Yes Jacky, he’s dead. He’s gone’…Someone had to drive me home, I couldn’t drive home.”

He concluded by saying that he was so proud of his brother:

“His last name was Jackson and everyone was so proud of him and what he was doing because his last name was Jackson.”

You can listen to the full interview here, Jackie begins to talk about Michael’s death at the 8th minute mark.

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