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30th Jul 2018

PIC: Someone Has “Claimed” This Irish Legend Is British And They Can Feck Right Off

Darragh Berry


No, no.

No thank you. PLEASE STOP.

They are very much mistaken if Britain think they can take this one off of us. One of the darlings of Irish sport, Katie Taylor has gone from Olympic champion at an amatuer status to World Champion as a professional.

She has won all of her ten professional bouts and retained the WBA and IBF female lightweight titles on Saturday when she defeated Kimberly Connor in the 02 Arena in London.

So yes, she is flying the world boxing flag very fecking high but embroidered on that flag are most definitely Irish colours.

Can someone please tell that to Boxing Kingdom?

Katie Taylor Boxing Kingdom

And, what makes this situation even ten times worse is that this is not the first time that the British media have claimed our precious Katie.

When she became world champ back at the end of October, Sky Sports delightfully announced that “Britain has a new World Champion… Katie Taylor.”

There’ll be no third time lucky attempt or ‘sure isn’t she kind of British’ carry-on. NOOOOOOO.

Katie Taylor = 100% Irish.

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