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Ryan Tubridy Got Fairly Angry With This Caller Live On Air This Morning On RTÉ Radio

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Ryan Tubridy has faced some difficult people in his time. Only last week we told you about Tubs’ two least favourite guest, but this caller is probably in the top five after this awkward encounter.

Dubliner Thomas, was on the M50 when he took the call from RTÉ to answer five question in order to win a prize from Arnotts Department Store

He admitted that he was going to be “brutal” and he wasn’t far wrong to be fair. He was asked what Merry Christmas in Spanish and although he was told that it “rhymes with Police Navidad”, he still couldn’t get it.

But things started getting really frustrating for Tubridy when he asked Thomas: “What colour Christmas did Elvis Presley sing about? You’ve got to get this,”

Tom: “Cold, cold Christmas,”

Tubs: “It’s a colour Thomas. I’ll have a blank Christmas without you…If you say something rude what colour would that be? In the old days you’d say the movie was sort of….”

Thomas replied with ‘Crap’ to which Tubridy said: “Mother of…, it’s a colour. What colour is crap? It’s a colour.”

He continued “What colour do they traditionally say, and it’s probably gender offensive, that boys like rather than girls?

“White? Pink? Oh God I’m brutal!”, said Thomas to which Tubs said, “You are, in fairness, I’m not going to lie to you!”

You can listen to the full section of the programme below.

If it’s not playing in the article, you can find it here.

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