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14th Oct 2021

Twitter is going crazy for this impersonation of Robin Williams

Fiona Frawley

We’ve got goosebumps.

If you’ve ever worked as an actor or in pretty much any aspect of the creative industry, you know how hard it can be to get your foot in the door.

Your best option is to make something yourself, often using your own money and resources, and hope it goes viral enough for the people in power to be forced to pay attention to it.

That’s what actor Jamie Costa has done with this “test footage” for a potential Robin Williams biopic. With a small team he put together an extremely professional looking screen test, in which he plays the beloved Oscar-winning actor to perfection. This film is not yet in the works, but now that the world has seen this footage, we imagine it’s only a matter of time. Costa’s impersonation of Robin Williams is not just insanely accurate but also full of heart. It’s no wonder it’s racked up over 3 million views on Youtube, and has pretty much the whole of Twitter calling out for a film starring the actor and comedian to be made.

Have a look for yourself, if you haven’t already:

The reaction to the clip has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans taking to the comments section to praise Costa’s performance. One writes:

Not only is his voice, face, mannerism is exactly like Robin Williams, the acting is amazing, and so is the way it is shot. If someone showed me this scene and lied to me that it is a scene from an Oscar winning movie, based on the acting quality and how it’s shot, I would believe them even if I didn’t know who Robin Williams was.

Another says:

This is truly, truly extraordinary. Give Jamie Costa everything he needs to make this movie. NOW. Before it’s too late. Because all I saw was Robin Williams, not an actor playing him.

Robin Williams fans all over the world were devastated following his passing in 2014. His life and body of work undoubtedly warrant a biopic, but until now it’s been hard to imagine who could possibly capture his spirit and mannerisms. Well, problem solved now. We hope to see Jamie on our screens by next year.

Header image via Youtube/Jamie Costa 

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