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12th Jul 2018

PIC: This One Person In Ireland Defo Knows The Identity Of Bloggers Unveiled

Darragh Berry

The introduction of questions on people’s Instagram stories was always going to be a huge addition to the photo sharing app.

It sort of has an feel about it and people are able to ask question that range from the minute, to silly to the downright serious.

Of course, we were all waiting patiently to see if Bloggers Unveiled and the likes would get involved and use the new feature and lo and behold, they did.

B.U. went up first and revealed that they were living in Dublin and also had some sort of “legal background”.

One person on Twitter even believes that she knows the birthplace of the person behind the app after they said that they were a size 4 in “tackies” which apparently is slang for trainers in Limerick cittttttay.

However, Bloggers Unveiled isn’t the only page devoted to outing people who allegedly aren’t being true to their followers.

FitFam Failures, aims to expose “the ridiculousness that is the Irish fitfam” and the main focus of the page is to call out Irish influencers who are sharing alleged ‘fake’ pictures of their fitness progress.

The person behind FFF, also anonymous, took part in their own Instagram questions and admitted that they knew Bloggers Unveiled…

Fff Bu

Apparently the two are best mates and we also found out that the person behind FFF is a boy while Bloggers Unveiled’s partner in real like knows about the blog and the person themselves has a full-time job apart from blogging.

The sites have done some fantastic work in the past but sometimes they do get it wrong like when our very own Eadaoin was falsely accused and became a target of Bloggers Unveiled for 24 hours.

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