WATCH: Man De-Ices His Car In Seconds In The Most Irish Way Possible

That's one way to do it

Icy Windscreen

It can be a real pain getting to work in this freezing weather when it comes to finding an extra 50 layers to put on before leaving the house, de-icing the car and getting where you need to go safely.

But don’t worry if you’ve been caught off guard and don’t have any de-icer to hand because it turns out there’s another method you can use - and it doesn’t involve waiting for the kettle to boil either.

Des Walsh from Mayo has shared a video demonstrating that you can in fact use a can of Guinness to defrost the ice on your windscreen.

This actually works with any kind of alcohol (it has a lower freezing point than water so it melts the ice) but it’s still a nice excuse to start getting more Guinness in...

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