PIC: This Irish Store Is Selling The Dearest Mars Bars Ever

€50 won't get you too far here...

Mars Bar Irish Main

You'd have a decent night out on the tiles before and still have some change left over for the chicken roll in the morning than to buy this Mars Bars.

This snap was taken in an Irish Circle K shop and christ above, you'd need to whip out more than the €50 to buy this treat.

Mars Bars €66 1

Picture credit: CabboMassive

Okay so that is obviously a misprint but still, it would put you off getting your beloved Mars if you were slightly hungover or tired.

It says on the price tag also, that Mars is €27.25 per kg meaning that a bar would be €1.39.

We don't know how they managed to misprint €66.72 so...

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Darragh Berry

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