PIC: This Gas Cartoon Perfectly Explains The Difference Between 'Paddy's Day' And 'Patty's Day'

Please, show this to every American you know

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The Irish are a fairly easy going bunch, aren't we? Not much phases us and we're pretty chill about most things... Late for work? Ah it's grand. Just got fired? Feck 'em. 

But if there's one thing that really riles us up it's when we're wished a Happy St. 'Patty's' Day. 

HOW dare they. 

St. Patrick did not risk life and limb (we're guessing) to drive all those schnakes out of the Emerald Isle only for Americans to cheerfully and ignorantly get his blessed name wrong. 

So as a helpful explainer, the very funny and talented Twisted Doodles has put together a cartoon showing the difference between Paddy and Patty. 

Show this to every single person you know who insists on calling it St. Patty's Day. PLZ. 

Maybe one year people will get it right. High hopes and all that. 

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