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26th Oct 2017

These Are The Worst Trends Irish Reddit Users Remember From Their Youth


Growing up in Ireland in the last 20 or so years there was a LOT of different trends floating around.

Snakebite piercings, trackie bottoms tucked into your socks and neon tutu skirts are just some of the trends that still make us jerk awake in a cold sweat, but there’s more – way more.

Irish Reddit users took a trip down the embarrassing memory lane to reminisce about some of the worst trends they remember from their youth. Here’s the worst offenders…

“I remember friends on Bebo with Up the RA and pictures of cans all over their profile..”

“Crazy frog. I still have nightmares.”

“I remember 2003/4 a load of the lads in school got a really short haircut, and bleach, but only the top of it bleached.”

“The bleach strip going through the v haircut.”

“Hair spiked up in the middle of the head, matching tracksuit, Nike air max, shag bands, those religious bracelets.”

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“Extremely baggy raver clothes with names like XWORX emblazoned across them.”

And of course…


The Amazing And Also Lovely Emo Mullet Regarding Style Seemly To All Seasons


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