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27th Oct 2018

This Irish Voiceover Of ‘The Snowman’ Will Genuinely Have You Screamin’


Get ready to never look at the 1980s animation The Snowman the same way ever, ever again, thanks to a side-splitting voice over from funnyman Owen Colgan (of The Hardy Bucks).

You might have thought that The Snowman was the most boringly innocent Christmas film, but it quickly takes on a darker turn in this witty take.

“I’m bored off me f*ckin tits”

It’s not that exciting just whooshing around in the snow all by yourself with just a thick Cork accent to keep you company, is it? Little does the lad know, his snowman is about to come to life…

“Hey Snowman! Where da f*ck we going?”

We’re crying.

Fair play Owen Colgan, fair play.

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