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21st Oct 2018

WATCH: World Famous US Sports Star Has Two Hurleys Stuck Together In His House For The Weirdest Reason

Darragh Berry

The clash of the ash has been making headlines all around the world this year.

Sure didn’t Nickie Quaid’s unreal save for Limerick against Cork get named as US magazine Sports Illustrated’s “highlight of the weekend.”

And wasn’t Prince Harry and Meghan Markle absolutely gripped by Joe Canning’s skills in Croke Park when they came over for a visit.

And sure, even Jamie Redknapp and DJ Carey got so involved while pucking the ball around that things got a little heated.

But if you thought hurleys only had one purpose in this life, you are wrong.

Because apparently, two mini ones make for a very nice skateboard.

Don’t believe us? Maybe ask the legend that is Tony Hawk…