WATCH: Sweet serenades on the streets of Galway last night

By Fiona Frawley

July 28, 2021 at 11:56am


These days, when you see a video of a group of young lads out at night on social media, you assume it's something bad.

It's sad but that's what the panny D has done to us. Our mind goes straight to heated discussions about "youths" on Joe Duffy and your auntie sharing pics of people out having drinks with the caption "disgraceful >:(" on Facebook.

But fear not, these lads are only having a little sing song. And if you were a bit of a GLEEK back in the day like myself, you'll be all about it.

The Trinitones are Trinity College Dublin's All-male Acappella group. That's right, they literally are the Warblers and we love it. Call Me Al is always a buzz when we hear it on a night out, and this arrangement is v impressive. They're what me and my girls think we sound like attempting karaoke on Capel Street after a few too many rosés and a round of baby guinness.

They're currently touring Ireland, so if you'd like to catch them check out their dates in the vid below and keep an eye on their socials!

Header image via Instagram/Trinitones 

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