10 Reasons Why County Kerry Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

The Kingdom of Ireland

The Kingdom of Ireland needs to be on the top of every travel bucket list.

From charming towns to scenic routes, music and culture a plenty - Kerry has it all.

If your the outdoorsy type, this will soon become your favourite county in all of Ireland.

Now, I may be a little biased because my dad is from the stunning town of Listowel, but I have more than enough reasons to back up my argument.

Here's some of my top picks:

1. Dingle

In this day and age most towns and streets have been built up and overrun with old, glum-looking buildings. Dingle however, has managed to keep its cute old-fashioned charm.

This stunning seaside village in Co. Kerry is bursting with colour, a constant flow of visitors, exciting activities and delish eateries.

It's a really safe and chill place. It's on the edge of the country so the salty wind is guaranteed.

Best of all, it's home to our nations favourite animal - Fungie!

2. Torc Waterfall

Killarney National Park is a must and Torc Waterfall is the star of the show.

It's situated in the middle of a scenic woodland - a great spot to walk the dog and take it all in.

The powerfall 80ft tall waterfall is a dream to listen to, you can definitely here it before you see it.

3. Sing-Songs In John B Keane's

You can't travel around Ireland without stopping off in a traditional Irish pub, listening to some music and tucking into a pint of the black stuff.

John B Keane's pub in Listowel is legendary.

The famous writer himself wrote his many masterpieces at the counter after closing time. The pub has been passed onto his son Billy. There's often music and theatre nights too, which are popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

4. Horse Rides Around The Ring Of Kerry

The best way to see the Ring Of Kerry is by horse and carriage.

Right across from Killarney National Park, you'll see horse carriages, the drivers are really chatty and always willing to fill you in on the area.

5. The Best Toasties In My Boy Blue

My Boy Blue opened up late last year and it has been causing a storm in the foodie world ever since. They serve up some of our fave coffee, 3FE, in the cutest takeaway cups you'll ever see and offer a delicious brunch menu.

The real treat however, is their infamous toasties.

Cheesy and loaded with black pudding - it's a dream come true tucked in between two perfectly sized slices of black pudding.


6. Slea Head Drive

Probably the most scenic route in the whole country.

Drive along the cliffs and look out to beautiful Atlantic Ocean - if you have a weak tummy you may need to take motion-sickness tablets before this one.

7. Skellig Michael

The majestic Skellig Islands should be on the top of your list.

The remains of a monastery built around the 8th centuary still stand today and it's an incredible sight. Star Wars fans will love this place as some of the latest movie was shot here.

8. Carrauntoohil

Get some fresh Irish air in your lungs and trek up Ireland's highest mountain.

The hardest climbs have the best view!

9. Buskers In Killarney

Walk down the streets of beautiful Killarney town, pop around the shops and listen to the incredible buskers that you'll find down almost every street corner.

10. The Prettiest Lighthouse At Valentia Island

Instagram goals.


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