Explore Éire: The Most Unusual Beach In Ireland Needs To Be On Your 2019 Bucket List

This is insane!

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When you picture a beautiful beach, what do you see?

Chances are you've imagined white, fluffy sand and crystal blue waters.

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life however, are the most unusual, the ones that take you by surprise.

As we say in the Irish language:

"An rud is annamh is iontach."

The thing that is seldom is wonderful.

That is exactly the case for Coral Strand in Connemara, Co. Galway.

You might just find those blue crystal waters here, but sand? Well, that's what makes this beach so special... There is no sand - instead you'll find a beach full of coral.

(If you hadn't guessed by the name already!)

Located at the edge of Mannin Bay near Ballyconneely, this beach is a thing of dreams.

The coral sand is actually detached red calcified seaweed, maërl, that stretches across the entire beach.

The beach itself feels like fine gravel underfoot. You won't have tiny grains of sand stuck to your clothes or wedged in your shoes here.

You'll find these “coral strands” at several places along the Connemara coast.

The coral comes in many sizes and you'll also find an assortment of seashells on show too.

It's also a lovely location for swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and exploring.

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