A new smaash burger joint has just landed in Kerry

By Katy Thornton

July 15, 2022 at 12:40pm


Smash burgers are the way of the future.


I tried my first smash burger not too long ago and it truly opened my eyes to what a burger could be. It remains juicy as well as crispy, and loses none of the beefy flavour.

For Ardfert, Kerry locals who feel the same as me about smash burgers, you'll be very excited to hear there's a brand new burger joint on the way, aptly named Smaash.

Smaash took to Facebook to announce their opening this week, saying:

"A huge thank you to our Smaash team who have worked tirelessly on a menu that is casual, fun, a bit cheeky and most definitely tasty! We are proud to bring this stunning building (respectively) back to life and look forward to welcoming the people from Ardfert and the wider community to our new casual diner. It's fun, it's bold, it's out there....but we love it! See you all soon."


We have to agree, the restaurant looks incredible; the perfect funky vibes to enjoy a good burger or maybe some nachos. You can check out the full menu below.

Image via Facebook Stories/Smaash Burger


The Badgers Badboy looks like a bit of me in particular. A trip to Ardfert has suddenly gone way up my priority list. Smaash Burger is based in The Village, Ardfert, County Kerry.

Header image via Facebook/Smaash Burger


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