'Which one of yous was this?' American tourists run afoul of Irish train etiquette

By Katy Thornton

July 15, 2022 at 11:58am


Was she the asshole or nah?


If you're an avid reddit reader, or even if you're not, you've probably heard of a certain page called AmItheAsshole. To put it simply, AmItheAsshole is a reddit page that focuses on scenarios wherein the person may or may not be an asshole. The more ambiguous it is, the more interesting. But my all-time favourite kind of post is when someone takes their story to reddit, asks the question, but clearly doesn't think they are the asshole, and then are proven wrong.

With that said, we came across a particular tweet from @fishlessfingers highlighting an AmItheAsshole thread pertaining to Ireland. In particular a group of American tourists learning about Irish train etiquette.

Are They The Asshole?


Now I sadly failed to find this post on Reddit, but you can read it through the link above. Essentially American tourists were taking the train and sat in reserved seats. When the person who had booked one of these seats came by, she pointed out her name above the seat. The original poster (OP) goes on to say, "My husband joked that we didn't know that was a name as it just looked like a random string of letters" which shockingly "seemed to upset her".

It was at this point OP claims the lady's "polite facade" dropped; she didn't know if her reason for booking that seat was valid. OP says she wasn't going to make her daughter move as they had travelled to see our beautiful country and should get to sit together. The lady allegedly responded that if they wanted to sit together they should've had the "common sense" to book together.

Essentially things got heated; words were exchanged. OP claims in the thread the girl stormed off after calling her husband something that rhymes with schmankee plastard.

I'm saying nothing other than I've frequently taken the train from Dublin to Belfast, and if I go to the trouble of booking my seat, I bloody well want to sit in it. This sounds like a moment of schooling for these American tourists on Irish train etiquette.

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