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23rd Sep 2021

Boozy peanut butter is a thing and we’re intrigued

Fiona Frawley

This is the kind of combo we can get on board with.

Have you ever snuck a few spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar (the only way to do it) and thought to yourself “yeah it’s good, but it needs a touch of stout”?

Well, today’s your lucky day.

Artisan peanut butter producers Taste Joy have just unveiled their latest creation, and it’s got a boozy twist. Say hello to your new kitchen cupboard staple, Irish stout infused peanut butter.

The multi award winning Northern Irish company are no strangers to weird and wonderful PB flavours – they’ve also got this dark chocolate and orange variation, which is a citrus lovers dream:

So we’ve no doubt their Irish stout infused jar will be equally delightful. According to Joy Co it’s got a “deep moreish flavour” and they’ve added it to everything from “toast to hot pots”. You’ve gotta love the versatility.

The peanut butter is also vegan and gluten free, with no added sugar and no palm oil. A lovely touch.

What do you think? Would you lash a spoonful of this into your stir-fry, or use it to pimp out your old reliable PB&J? We’re fairly confident it’s going to taste unreal with everything, and it’d also be a gorge stocking filler for the foodie in your life.

Header image via Instagram/tastejoyco

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