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07th Jul 2021

Five cakes and pastries that have caught our eye this week

Fiona Frawley

There’s nothing better than scrolling through insta, eyeing up the most aesthetically pleasing desserts the cafes of Ireland have to offer and mentally adding them all to your food bucket list.

It gives us hope for the future. Sure, right now it’s a rainy Wednesday and most of us are working from home with yet another sliced pan and ham sambo on the horizon for lunch. But hey, this weekend we could drive to Donegal to pick up a donut tower, or maybe a cream-filled cruffin in Cork? The world’s our oyster, or at least the country is. Leave your midweek blues behind you and start planning how you’ll treat yo’ self this weekend. It’s called self care.

1. Devilish Crossaints from Servd in Westport

The tastiest of pastries drizzled with melted choc and your choice of crunchie or milky way crispy rolls on top. It’s not a want, it’s a need .

2. Donut Towers from Mór in Bundoran

What’s better than a donut? 20 donuts glued together with chocolate to form a tower, with happy hippos and freddos popping out at the sides. Obviously.

3. Cheesecake Mugs from Hungry Bear in Gorey

Dark chocolate mugs filled with vanilla cheesecake. Catch us frantically taking 85 pics for the gram and then devouring.

4. Strawberry Shortbread Cruffins from OhK Kinsale

Local strawberries, elderflower cream and the all important shortbread crumb. We love when two desserts come together as one.

5. Mini Choc and Hazelnut Babkas from Bean in Dingle

You saw them here first. A Jewish dessert made with braided pastry and covered with chocolate. What a dream.

Serious ooft factor off every one of them. Will you be basing your weekend around any of these treats?

Header image via Instagram/Servd Westport 

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