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07th Jul 2021

The basic B’s guide to Love Island episode 8

Fiona Frawley

Last night’s was one of those episodes where you ask yourself why you watch the show at all.

It was just a bit… depressing. Obviously we know there are always guys who’ll jump ship as soon as a new girl comes in. This is part of Love Island culture and has provided us with some of the most meme-able moments of our times.

Still and all, it doesn’t make it any easier to endure this frankly Hitler-esque obsession with “blonde” and every lad in there turning into something from a David Attenborough doc as soon as there’s a sniff of a new girl.

Circling back quickly to the start of the ep, Rachel pulled Brad for a chat to discuss his comments about her getting to know new lads when they came in, which for Brad sounded off ~alarm bells.~ This loosely translates to “I grafted you so I could keep my place in this villa, I will now continue to inflict my cement block of a personality on every new woman who walks in”.

Then came the game which led to the Hugo crying debacle. I’ll be careful with this one because while the drama that followed was probably fairly unnecessary, some interesting points were touched on.

The game was a ‘how well do you know your partner’ type situation with standard enough Love Island type questions like “what’s your partners favourite position”, “what’s their type” etc etc. The question of “what cosmetic surgery has your partner had done” was an odd choice but no one was too bothered by that, the upset came when Hugo continuously mentioned the fact he doesn’t like ~fake~ girls.


Every woman reading this has probably eye-rolled more than they can count after hearing a man say “I like natural girls” or “I don’t like a girl to wear loads of make up”. It’s a reminder of the ridiculously unrealistic expectations set on women’s appearances and is generally just a bit cringe. Most of us would probably agree that ‘fake’ isn’t the best adjective to use about women you don’t like, as the popularity of cosmetic procedures is a reflection on the pressure on women to look a certain way, especially on Love Island.

However, Faye and Sharon’s anger towards Hugo was possibly misplaced. There are guys in there doing a lot worse (exhibit a: Aaron listing “hairy arms” as his biggest turn-off).

They’re possibly also redirecting their anger following every boy in the villa saying they’d pick Chloe to couple up with if they had to choose.

But Sharon comparing Hugo not liking fillers to not dating someone because of their race? It’s a big no. Faye also being outraged at Hugo for not understanding the trauma of having small boobs was probably a bit OTT.

Anyway, Hugo apologised profusely through tears and Aaron gave Sharon a fairly frosty reception in bed after seeing her “cause a scene” and be “fiery”.

Moving onto the next day, it’s hard to say for sure what happened but I think the girls went for brunch.

While they were gone, two new girls came into the villa and just to add more fuel to an already problematic fire, the girls are blonde.

Cue Brad forgetting Rachel exists and whipping out his tag line “for the first time there’s someone who’s actually my type” for the 98th time in a week. There’ll be tears tomorrow, my friends. And I’ll be lighting a candle in the hopes that there’ll also be some new boys in to wipe them away.

Header image via Instagram/Love Island 

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