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02nd Jul 2021

Irish brewery creates Super Split beer just in time for summer

Rory Cashin

The flavour of summer captured in a can.

Orange and vanilla, together in ice cream. Who doesn’t love that?

The Super Split is a particular summer’y favourite, and the beer geniuses at White Hag have come up with a brand new flavour to help get us through the hottest days of the year.

Earlier this year, these are the folk who gave us the Shamrock Shake flavoured ale, just in time for Paddy’s Day, and now they’re back with another seasonal flavour!

As they themselves describe it:

“Spree Series Super Split is a refreshingly cool, orange cream soft drink inspired beer. This ice cream ale features the nostalgic citrus orange burst and sweet vanilla creaminess you’d expect. It’s the summer beer that promises to bring you back to your childhood summer holidays and the days you spent eating a Super Split on a sun-lit pier.”

They also recommend you actually use their Super Split ale to make a real Super Split beer float, complete with ice cream, whipped cream, and a slice of orange. Quite frankly, if you’re going all out on summer flavours, then you might as well give this a proper go, too!

If you’re interested to try this or any of their other flavours out, The White Hag is available in select stores around the country, as well as their online store here.

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