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06th Mar 2021

Sligo brewery creates shamrock shake ice cream ale

Rory Cashin

Yes, it is green, and no, it doesn’t actually taste of shamrocks.

Normally, around this time of year, a certain massively popular restaurant chain re-introduce their Shamrock Milkshakes to their product line, but this year, they’re not the only flavour innovators delving into the world of shamrock-inspired green-drinks.

Sligo-based brewery The White Hag have created something called the Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ale, and we can confirm that it is delicious. It almost tastes like a Mint Aero, so if you like those, then you’re in luck!

We asked the folks at The White Hag about their new concoction, and this is what they told us:

“For this Spree Series we’ll brew a bunch of beers that are purely experimental and fun, and not to be taken seriously. Unless you like serious… This particular ice cream ale is a very seasonal, one day only celebration beer, first conceived by Ronald and his buddies at the big M for our national holiday. Expect aromatic mint on the nose, followed by a cool lingering peppermint flavour, and a creamy soft milkshake-y body. Also, it’s Green!”

It sure is!

Other flavours in their Spree Series include the Mochaccino Stout (for you coffee lovers), the Magic Mist (very fruity!), and the Dark Druid Black Forest Pastry Stout (it is pretty much all there in the title).

If you’re interested to try any of these out, The White Hag is available in select stores around the country, as well as their online store here.

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