Pizza, Chinese and burgers are the top takeaway choices for Irish freshers

By Katy Thornton

December 8, 2022 at 3:41pm


What would be your takeaway of choice?


With many students now in their second semester of the college year and some heading into exam season, Just Eat has delved into the takeaway habits of Irish students and created an interactive Freshers' Fuel Map that showcases the fave takeaways of different universities around Ireland.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, pizza, Chinese, and burgers are the top takeaway choices amongst Ireland's freshers, taking up large portions of the vote no matter where they were coming from. What is surprising is the lack of orders to a typical chipper, with only students of University College Dublin have it as their top choice.


Athlone IT are the biggest fans of pizza around the country, with 57% of all orders placed on the app for pizza restaurants. UL (38%), LIT (38%), Sligo IT (33%) freshers are also really into their pizza.



A classic Chinese was the beloved takeaway of many universities, and none more than Letterkenny IT, who ordered it more than anywhere else in Ireland. Other universities who revere the Chinese takeaway include DCU (33%), Munster TU (35%), and South East TU (32%).


As for a dirty burger, a fifth of GMIT students order burgers, 13% more than any other university or college in the country.

John Carrey of Just Eat says this of the findings:


With the first college term over, Just Eat has delved into the takeaway habits of students across the country. What was interesting from the data is how cuisine choices vary depending on the student area. Our research shows that students in Athlone are the biggest pizza lovers in the country ordering more pizza than anywhere in the country while students in Cork and Letterkenny are all about Chinese takeaway! It was also interesting to note how ordering times vary. Again, Athlone and Galway receive top marks for late night ordering while students in Letterkenny are most likely to order between 4pm – 11pm.”

You can check out all the stats on the Just Eat Freshers Fuel Map HERE.  

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