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23rd Nov 2021

VP of In-N-Out Burger shares his love for Ireland after one day pop-up

Fiona Frawley

Please Rob, find a way to love us enough to open an In-Out-Here permanently. It’s what the burger gods would want.

After In-N-Out’s fleeting visit to Ireland over the weekend, Vice President Rob Howard has taken to Insta to share his love for the Emerald Isle.

In his post he mentions the hospitality and beauty of our wee country:

First off, how do you begin to describe one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen? Ireland is like jumping into a postcard, not only is the country breath taking but the people are SO incredibly warm and friendly. Everyone welcomes you like family, and loves to enjoy a few whisky’s or pint’s of Guinness.

We do love offering people Guinness, to be fair.

Last Saturday, the iconic chain returned to Dublin for a fleeting three hour residence at the Harbourmaster Bar in the IFSC. You may remember the great In-N-Out saga of 2015 where the Dublin pop-up sold out in just two hours, with burger lovers queuing in their hundreds in the hopes of ordering from the beloved menu. Wristbands for the queue were being sold for €50, people were sent home burger-less after waiting for hours – it was the Hunger Games of fast food.

Despite the obvious demand, In-N-Out VP Rob confirmed in his post that they won’t be opening a Dublin branch:

We finished up a quick trip to Ireland for a one day only In-N-Out pop up. (Sorry, but no we are not opening an In N Out there).  

Difficult news to accept, but we’ll need to find a way to move on from this as a country.

Did you manage to nab yourself an In-N-Out feed over the weekend?

Header image via Instagram/robhowards

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