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04th Sep 2020

Five veggie-friendly Instagram accounts to follow for serious foodspiration

Sarah Finnan

Adapting to a vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian lifestyle can take a little getting used to and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting to dinner time only to realise you’re fresh out of ideas. I personally love cooking and baking (and working with flour…cue the iconic Nadine Coyle clip), but sometimes find myself making the same old thing time and time again.

One place you’re guaranteed to find endless amounts of foodspiration is Instagram; it’s a treasure trove of recipe videos, cooking demos and perfectly timed homemade brunch pics.

Here are a few of my top recs for vegan/veggie meals should you need some help when it comes to meal prep.

Natural Born Feeder

The brainchild (or food-baby if you will) of Rozanna Purcell, Natural Born Feeder is the place to go for some serious food envy. You’ll find any amount of recipes here from her famous chickpea scramble (like scrambled eggs but tastier) to vegan shortbread biscuits and apple cinnamon rolls. These beetroot brownies look taaaaaaaasty.

Who could resist? I recently invested in her third cookbook and can confirm, everything is DELICIOUS.

Oh Happy Veggie 

Run by Aisling, Oh Happy Veggie (and her vegan cake business account Oh Happy Treats) will give you food-spiration with a hefty heaping of #wanderlust too… though we could probably do without the latter these days, given that we won’t be doing much foreign travel anytime soon.

I peruse her feed on the regular.

Caramel slices are a bit of me.

The Fake Vegan

Ciara McNulty is the face behind The Fake Vegan. A future dietician, and trainer at Perpetua Fitness, her feed is colourful, aesthetically pleasing and informative – the trifecta of Instagram accounts.

Her NYC content also makes me want to move to the Big Apple immediately.

The Food Medic

An Irish doctor based in London, Hazel is probably best known as the Food Medic. A published cookbook author and podcast host, she has a serious love for Crossfit and overflowing lunchboxes. Her meal prep skills are something to aspire to and she’s also great for myth-busting common health and fitness queries.

Ugly Vegan

Special mention goes to Ugly Vegan for reminding us that more often than not, the ‘gram is just the highlight reel and just because your dinner doesn’t look insta ready doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. Or deserve a square on your feed for that matter. Hilarious…albeit a little disturbing at times.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Those are just a few of my favourite accounts to follow online -search vegan/veggie and you’ll find a long list of others. Let me know if there are any I’m missing out on…always in favour of more food content.

Header image via Instagram/The Fake Vegan/Natural Born Feeder

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