Supermac's Is Opening A London Branch 'In The Next 12 Months'

By Kiara Keane

August 7, 2019 at 12:23pm


Great news for anyone living in London that’s been missing out on having Supermac's whenever they want.

The much-loved Irish fast food chain has announced its plans to expand overseas ‘in the next 12 months’ and London is first on the list.

Managing director of Supermac's Ireland, Pat McDonagh, told The Independent, "We are targeting the UK first and especially London and the greater London area, as there is a huge Irish market over there."

The news comes after Supermac’s won a landmark case against McDonald’s and its ‘Mc’ trademark earlier this week.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has revoked the trademark on all McDonald’s ‘Mc’ menu items across most of Europe, except for its sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

McDonagh commented, “McDonald’s tried to argue that because they had some products that started with ‘Mc’ that the term ‘Mc’ was so synonymous with them that they had the right to own and trademark.


“We are delighted that the EUIPO found in our favour and that we can now say that we have rid Europe of the McDonald’s self-styled monopoly of the term ‘Mc’.”

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