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03rd Feb 2023

Galway restaurant launches scallop flavoured ice cream

Fiona Frawley

side by side images of a metal tub of ice cream and scallops in a pan

Or trials it, at the very least.

No stranger to experimenting with off-kilter food combinations, Galway-based chef JP McMahon has taken to Instagram to unveil his latest concoction – scallop roe ice cream.

The award winning restauranteur, writer and spearhead of Galway’s Michelin-awarded Aniar shared a pic of what looks to be an unassuming, perfectly delicious, creamy tub of ice cream – but the label reveals all’s not quite as it seems.

The scallop roe ice cream, which JP indicates is being trialed at Aniar appears to have raised a couple of eyebrows, with the more curious among us wondering – is this actually a thing?

And it would appear the chef isn’t alone in his fishy ice cream frolic – scallop ice cream does exist, and is also available in a creamery shop in Japan.

Aomori Prefecture in Japan says of its scallop-y dessert that ““the saltiness and sweetness of scallops is the best match for fresh milk”. Those who’ve tried the unusual pairing have said that it “definitely tasted like scallops,” but the taste wasn’t so overpowering that the ice cream couldn’t be enjoyed.

While we’re not sure if the shellfish-laced sweet will be a permanent fixture at Aniar, you can be certain this won’t be the last time McMahon experiments with flavour combos. Two years ago, the chef trialed oysters topped with ants, claiming that the insects provided a “wonderful lemongrass and black pepper taste”. Some might ask why you wouldn’t just… use lemongrass and black pepper, but some aren’t award winning chefs, I suppose.

Would you try scallop roe ice cream?

Header image via Instagram/mistereatgalway

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