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17th Jun 2021

Ants and oysters are a thing and we’re actually tempted

Fiona Frawley

Food trends. We see them, we taste them, we say we love them to feel part of something.

We saw Lizzo eating mustard on a watermelon, so we went out and ate mustard on a watermelon. We’ve all dutifully become oat milk queens and said “oh yeah, I love beef tartare” rather than running the risk of exposing ourselves as a basic B with a palette that never developed beyond the meat and two veg days of your youth. Unthinkable. With that said, here’s a new one for us to get on board with!

The uncultured swine in me thinks, if you want a lemongrass and black pepper flavour would you not just use… lemongrass and black pepper? But I’m sure this is just a very sophisticated foodie thing that I’m not cool enough to understand, so naturally I will absolutely try it while smiling and nodding, insisting this combo has literally changed my life. I did a quick Google and after I got past the videos of ants eating oysters I found out that, like oysters, ants are actually an aphrodisiac? So definitely get into this dish if you’re lo0king for your night to go… that way.

To be fair, JP McMahon is an award winning chef and his Galway restaurant Aniar has held a Michelin Star for 8 years so there is a STRONG chance he knows what he’s talking about more than me. Give it a go, it’s probably delish and I’m sure the ants crackle with peppery flavour.

Header image via Instagram/Mistereatgalway

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