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22nd Aug 2022

Heinz Beanz-filled hash browns are coming to Ireland

Fiona Frawley

a packet of heinz beanz filled hash browns

Your hangovers are about to get a lot more manageable.

If you’ve ever separately prepared hash browns and baked beans, and in your exasperated state sighed to yourself, “there has to be a better way” – we come bearing good news.

Iceland and Heinz have put their heads together and created Heinz Beanz Filled Hash Browns, a new breakfast snack which they’ve dubbed as “an exciting lovechild of two of the nation’s favourite cooked breakfast essentials”.

If you’re wondering about the logistics, you’re not alone – I have many questions. Do baked beans defrost well? Will they go soggy? Why does the packet show them served atop a bed of garden peas?

It’s hard to provide a solid answer for any of these queries until I have a bag of these bean-filled concoctions in my physical grasp, but luckily I won’t have to wait long. Lovin have received exclusive word that Heinz Beanz Filled Hash Browns will be available in Iceland stores across Ireland in the next two weeks.

If you see these on the plate the next time you’re served a fry up, it’d be natural to worry that someone’s attempted to feed you an early morning fish finger. But it’s time to retrain our minds – rectangular hash browns filled with beans are here, and they just might be the future.

More as we have it.

Header image via Instagram/Iceland 

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