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13th Dec 2017

Here’s The Horrifying Reason Why You Should Never Make Tea At Work


Having a cup of tea at work is great. It warms you up when it’s chilly outside, and it’s the perfect excuse to grab a sneaky break away from your desk. 

Sadly, your afternoon cuppa might never be the same again after you read these disgusting revelations. 

Scientists have discovered that office teabags can carry as many as 17 times more germs than a toilet seat. 

That’s according to a study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene, which analysed the bacteria counts of kitchen utensils and appliances. 

In addition to the 3,785 bacteria they found on office teabags, there were 2,483 bacteria on kettle handles, 1,746 on the rim of a used mug and 1,592 on a fridge door handle.

That’s in comparison to only 220 on a toilet seat.

Absolutely mank. 

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