Here's The Scientific Reason You Don't Like Brussels Sprouts

By kaylawalsh

December 13, 2017 at 1:05pm

Here's The Scientific Reason You Don't Like Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts get a bad rap. They only really get an outing once a year, but even then they don't get given much of a chance. 

The poor veggies are often rejected, pushed to the side of the plate on Christmas Day while everything else is devoured. 

But why do people hate sprouts so much? 

Cosmo UK decided to ask nutritional scientist Dr Adam Cunliffe, and he said that disliking a certain food is "nearly always due to some kind of negative event which is connected to that food."

"That event can either be a physiological event – like food poisoning – or a psychological one dating back to when you were a child.

"We're not actually born liking very much except our mother’s milk and sweet tastes, so we acquire tastes over time."

When it comes to sprouts in particular, Dr Cunliffe said it might have something to do with their bitter taste. 

 "Innately, we’re born to reject bitter foods because for every one plant or potential foodstuff in nature which is bitter and good for us, there’s probably 50 which are bitter and poisonous."

There you have it folks! 

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