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09th Dec 2017

Here’s Why You Need To Buy Your Christmas Prosecco Early This Year


When it comes to Christmas drinks, Prosecco is at the top of our list. 

It’s not as expensive as champagne but it still feels fancy, and it’s absolutely delish. 

But have you ever noticed that supermarket shelves are often horrifyingly empty when you go to buy some over the festive season?

Sainsbury’s in the UK have worked out that they’re set to sell a record-breaking number of bottles of Prosecco and other sparkling wines on December 23 – 489,000 bottles, to be exact. 

That means there are plenty of last-minute Lucys out there who will be stocking up on the fizzy stuff at the last minute, and it’s likely to be the same across the board. 

Get there early or risk being stuck drinking white wine out of a carton…

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