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05th Sep 2018

Rejoice – The New Spice Bag Flavour Tayto Has Arrived

James Fenton

You might remember back in February when Tayto launched its Tayto Flavour campaign, inviting the public to vote on a topic which could potentially change the course of Irish snack history – which Irish-inspired limited edition Tayto flavour should be introduced?

The options were Spice Bag, Sunday Roast, Breakfast Roll and Curry Sauce (what else would you expect?) and it the public have now spoken.

Drumroll please….

Leading the way with a whopping 51% of the vote was Spice Bag and today Tayto have given the people what they wanted.

Screen Shot 2018 09 05 At 10 18 44

Want to get your hands on a packet of Spice Bag-flavoured deliciousness? The limited edition crisp is available in shops now but only for a short time.

Be warned, though. Once word gets round, you might have to head out early to beat the lunchtime rush.

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