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28th Dec 2019

The Harbour Bar is hands down the best bar in Ireland

Alan Fisher

This is hands down the best bar in Ireland in my opinion.

Before you continue reading, don’t @ me unless you have tried this place.

If you have and disagree, please feel free to @ me and let me know what you think is best.

I’m from Bray but for some reason, that means I overlooked this place for most of my life.

Thinking there must be something better out there.

But after not living in Bray for a while and getting to test out some (a lot) other bars around the country, I can confirm this is the best for me.

The Harbour Bar.

Seriously, where do I start?

Well, it’s located at the harbour in Bray so lovely location first of all. You can get the dart to Bray and only have a five-minute walk to get here.

The inside is basically like an old house.

On the right-hand side is the main bar where you will always find live music from up and coming bands.

As you make your way to the left side you pass through a tiny little bar area where you can fit about 10 people.

There is always trad sessions going on in the front part of the left side while the back is like someone’s sitting room fitted with couches and there is a cat the runs the roost here.

Upstairs is split in two and kitted out with loads of different seating options from leather couches to comfy chairs by the window.

Not only that but there is a fireplace for this time of the year as well.

Outside is always jammed with people snuggling under the heaters and eating some food from the little shed that sells fish and chips.

The best part is that they serve the best pint of Guinness you will ever get your hands on.

Honestly, you have got to check out The Harbour Bar in Bray.

It is hands down the best bar in Ireland.

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