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Want To Try Something New In 2019? This Oyster Shucking Course Looks Ideal

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Love ’em or hate ’em – oysters have become a hot topic as of late.

2019 should be a year of doing and trying new things so why not start by booking yourself in for a new course.

Did you know you can learn how to shuck oysters in Co. Clare?

Well, now that just sounds ideal doesn’t it?

The course is hosted by Gerry, a marine biologist who has worked in all aspects of the oyster world for many years -breeding them, growing them, marketing them, opening them, eating them and now sharing his experience and knowledge about them.

The tour informal, informative and entertaining – the humour dictates the script!

It’s one of the highest rated experiences we’ve seen on Airbnb too.

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During the course you will be welcomed and given you a tour through a working oyster warehouse on the seashore.

You’ll be introduced to the area with particular emphasis on the sea outside and how the tides work to provide clean water. You’ll see a pet/touch tank that holds some of the fascinating sea creatures that inhabit the sea floor and watch them as they do their thing.

You’ll hear stories of how our oysters are grown, and all the factors that make their taste unique, as well as talking you through the history of oysters in the area.

You will then learn how to shuck the Oysters and once your shucking skills are perfected you can shuck and eat your fill while downing a suitably paired glass of wine.

This stunning experience is deadly value at only €35.

To book click here.

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