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11th Aug 2021

An Post celebrated Ireland’s Olympic gold medalists in the sweetest way

Fiona Frawley

Although they hail from opposite ends of the country, our Olympic gold medalists Kellie Harrington, Fintan McCarthy and Paul O’Donovan have more than Irish hero status in common.

All three are as humble and down to earth as they come – when asked about their monumental achievements they either modestly mutter something along the lines of “ah I suppose it’s grand” or say that all they’re really thinking about is heading home for tea and biscuits. It’s one of the rules of being Irish in fairness – you can’t ever admit you think you’re a bit of a legend. It’s against the law. Luckily the rest of Ireland is more than ready to pile in and celebrate the incredible achievements of Harrington, McCarthy and O’Donovan, and An Post are no exception.

Incase you missed it, An Post celebrated Ireland’s Olympic heroes by painting their local post boxes gold – in Skibbereen for Paul and Fintan and Summerhill for Kellie. The Dublin post box reads “send celebration, send triumph, send love” which I’m pretty sure is what we all feel like doing after watching how incredibly these three legends held themselves during the games in Tokyo. Absolutely buzzing for all three and their families – long may the celebrations last!

Header image via Instagram/An Post 

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