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15th Oct 2017

12 Everyday Things Irish People Never Stop Giving Out About


We are a
divil sometimes when it comes to giving out about something. 

We just aren’t a nation that are afraid to speak our minds. And with that comes the notion that us
Irish are always moaning about something (which is kind of true,
isn’t it?)

There’s always something that we’re not happy with.

So here are 12 things we
complain about on a very
regular basis.

1. The weather

it rains, we give out. When it’s sunny, jaysis it’s way too warm.
When it’s windy, you’re definitely going to catch a cold. There really is no win
when it comes to the weather. There’s always something that’s just
not quite right and it starts off a rant and is a great topic of
conversation to have with your taxi driver. Will we ever stop? In fairness, our weather isn’t usually great.

referee of a GAA or football match

should have gone to Specsavers!

ref! He’s pulling his shirt for feck sake…

These are the all too regular complaints you hear shouted at Croke Park during a GAA match.
It’s just a given. It
seems to always be the referee’s fault for that yellow card that you
think wasn’t really deserved. Then that ludicrous display last night?
Sure, that was all because that referee was on and jinxed it for your
team. Those poor referees..

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expensive or bad pint

Wherever you drink in Ireland, it usually doesn’t come cheap. Especially in cities. You
give out if the pint cost you over €5, and if they gave you too much
of a head on top and not enough beer. Do they even know how to pour a good pint? Then sometimes it just tastes like a bad pint. Your drinks after work are ruined.

you like your tea

and I mean everyone
likes their tea a certain way. Some prefer it weak while others, if
it’s anyway see-through it’s not strong enough. If you’re brave
enough to offer to make someone tea then fair play t’ya. 

do you like your tea according to this chart?

6. How much rent costs these days

The cost of rent and living in Ireland has been the topic of conversation and debate for a long time and very much is all we have been talking about recently. It costs an arm and a leg to rent somewhere that you could barely class as ‘liveable’. 

7. The Late Late Show

Twitter and Facebook users do have a field day when it comes to a Friday night and The Late Late Show is on. The amount of slagging, complaints and groans seem to be heightened once the credits roll and Ryan Tubridy appears. It’s a very typical Irish show. It’s sometimes good craic and other times cringy. 

Then again, The Late Late Toy Show is the funniest show of the year. 

8. U2

They are a band many love, and a band that also many hate. There really is no in-between. Irish people complain about Bono. They complain that they haven’t released a good song in ages. They complain that it’s all tourists think of when they hear the words ‘Irish band’. What about Westlife, lads? Some think that they are the real great Irish band.

9. Millennials 

‘Jaysis I wasn’t doing anything like that in my day’

Did you see what she was wearing? I wouldn’t let my daughter out in that’

‘They should socalise more and get away from that thing you call social media’

Millennials can confuse us, frighten us about how quickly the world is developing and how different it was when we all grew up. They’re just something us older folk don’t fully understand. And they’re always texting.

10. The TV license 

The last thing you want is the TV licence man turning up at your door because you haven’t paid. But, it does happen. You think why on earth do you need a TV licence to watch your own telly in your own home. The idea just boggles you.

11. All political parties

Politicians are a hot topic of every conversation. Everyone complains about someone at some point. You don’t like the party in power. Your local politician doesn’t help with anything. They’re making a mess of Ireland. But there are some exceptions. Sometimes.

12. Conor McGregor

You either love him, or hate him. He really splits the country down the middle. We can agree that he is a great fighter but sometimes his attitude and style scares some people away from liking him. He is talked about a lot.

Do you complain about anything of these? 

Let us know!

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