9 Phrases That Are Guaranteed To Make Irish Women Weak At The Knees

We'll be putty in your hands...

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Irish women might seem complicated, but at the end of the day our hearts are easily won. 

Just utter one of these magic phrases and we'll be yours forever...

1. "I've put on the kettle"

Tea cures all. 

2. "It's my treat" 

We're happy to pay our way, but who doesn't like to be spoiled every once in a while?

3. "I'll take out the bins"

Thank God for that. 

4. "I've made a fry"

Is there anything better after a night on the sesh? 

5. "Do you want a spice bag?"

The answer is always yes. 

6. "Let's put the heating on"

The ultimate treat.

7. "I don't mind watching First Dates."

At last!

8. "I'll wait if you want to go into Penneys"

Oh boy...

9. "You can choose the movie"

Mean Girls it is. 

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