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9 Things Irish People Should Really Give Up For Lent

By kaylawalsh

February 13, 2018 at 4:48pm


Lent starts on Valentine's Day this year, which means anyone trying to give up sweets and chocolate won't have it easy. 

It got us thinking - why not branch out from the usual Lenten promises and give up something different this year? 

Here are a few suggestions for you...

1. Complaining about the weather 

The weather is pretty much always shite. Surely there are more interesting things to talk about?

2. Eating Supermac's on the train

It's not fair to flaunt that delicious but strong-smelling food in our faces when there's no escape. 

3. Sitting beside someone on Dublin Bus when there are plenty of free seats 

Y u do dis? 

4. Slow walking 

Can you NOT.

5. Having notions

If you've started doing your big shop in M&S you've gone too far. 

6. Going on and on about being hungover 

Are we meant to be impressed?

7. Watching Mrs Brown's Boys

There are so many other options...

8. Boasting about your diet

And posting gym selfies. 

9. And begrudgery 

Let's make this the year of wishing people well, even if they have a questionably strong accent and star in awful comedy sketches.

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