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17th Mar 2018

Aer Lingus’ Gesture On Their Flight To London This Morning Was So Classy

Darragh Berry

The thrill of beating England on their home turf would be absolutely something else and if you’re lucky enough to be heading over to London for the game…


Aer Lingus had a little treat for everyone flying on their flight EI172 Dublin – London Heathrow.

It was sprung upon people during the flight instructions. You’ve heard them so many times at this stage that you could nearly rhyme them off yourself but this one had an added twist. 

Cabin crew told people on board that there was an Ireland jersey in the seat pocket in front of them in the “unlikely event that they had forgotten their Ireland jersey”.

They also asked people to remain in their Ireland jersey for the duration of the weekend which was followed by applause.

A fantastic gesture this Paddy’s Day.

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