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24th Jan 2018

The Best Jobs You Can Have In 2018 Have Been Revealed


The worst month of the year is dragging on forever, it seems like payday will never come and some of you might be feeling like packing in your job altogether. 

Well, if you’re thinking about a career change, you might want to take a gander at this list first.

Compiled by Glassdoor, it ranks all the best roles available at the moment, based on salary,the number of job openings and overall job satisfaction. 

The top ten are ALL in management, so here’s hoping you’re a natural leader…

1. Marketing Manager

2. Operations Manager

3. Audit Manager

4. Finance Manager

5. Product Manager

6. HR Manager

7. Contract Manager

8. Commercial Manager

9. Business Analyst

10. Project Manager

The report is for the UK but we imagine it’s a fairly similar situation in Ireland. 

Time to dust off that CV!

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