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15th Feb 2018

The Main Reason People Quit Their Jobs Has Been Revealed


No matter how much we like our jobs, we all have bad days. 

We might have a fight with our boss or have to deal with a rude customer, and feel like handing in our notice would solve all of our problems. 

But did you know that most people don’t quit because of their employer, their salary or their work environment? 

According to a survey from LinkedIn, the majority actually throw in the towel because they see their role as a dead end. 

Some 45% of respondents chose “I was concerned about the lack of opportunities for advancement” as their reason for quitting, followed by 41% who blamed dissatisfaction with “the leadership of senior management”.

Other explanations given were “I was unsatisfied with the work environment” (36%), “I wanted more challenging work” (36%) and “I was unsatisfied with the compensation” (34%). 

You can read the whole report here

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