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Conor McGregor Has Revealed The Conditioning Program That Has Given Him This Unique Body

By Darragh Berry

March 9, 2018 at 1:37pm


Without sounding cliché, you either love Conor McGregor or you absolutely fucking hate him.

It's as simple as that, there is no in between sadly and there hasn't been since about 2015.

However, no matter what your feelings are about him, you have to admit that the man is in incredible shape. He's more ripped than a pair of modern day skinny jeans. 

You could be puffing away in the gym seven days a week from now until Mayo win the All-Ireland and you probably wouldn't get anywhere near his physique, or so you thought. 

The UFC champion turned boxer turned god-only-knows-what-he'll-do-next has revealed on Instagram that he is releasing details about his conditioning programme which is ten weeks of intense training and eating with rewarding results.

The details can be found in his Instagram post below. 

 "It's ten fucking weeks and for the not real trust me," he explains before going on to add that "look at the fucking shape I am in. I am like a statue on Dublin's O'Connell street. I might put one there someday."

Knowing McGregor though, he'd only be content if his statue was higher than the spire itself. 

In some shape though all the same.

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