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29th Nov 2018

The Winner Of The Year Long ‘Coppers Challenge’ Has Been Decided Where A Gold Card Was On The Line

Darragh Berry

It is the quintessential golden ticket. You ask anyone who is a frequent visitor to Copper Face Jacks on Harcourt Street and they will tell you that they would sell their mother, their car and their phone if they thought it would bring them within a sniff of a gold card.

They don’t hand them out willy-nilly to just anyone – those who covet a gold card must prove that they are a major fan of the nightclub and even then, it just might not be enough to persuade them that you are worthy.

One such person who believed he deserved the right to get his paws on a gold card was a lad by the name of Simon Kearney who, according to Copper Face Jack’s website, challenged the nightclub to what seemed to be a fairly small wager.

Kearney has shown his loyalty to the nightclub on previous occasions but he blew it out of the park when he flew all the way home from France for one night just so he could go to the famous ‘Chooseday’ night in Coppers.

Now if that’s not dedication we don’t know what is.

The rules of the wager were simple. All the fine chap had to do was reach a year-long snap streak with Coppers and they “shall hand over the gold card with open arms.”

However, if Jack The Lad (AKA Coppers’ Snapchat account) was to lose the streak then they admitted that they would hand over the gold card.

Seemed too easy, right? Well the twist – as stated on the site – said that “if it is indeed Mr. Kearney who loses the streak, then the forfeit is this.

“For an entire night on the door with our security team, you must stand with with a sign attached to yourself. The sign you will proudly display will read, ‘Dear Coppers, I sincerely apologise for wasting your time’, whilst posing for pictures with anyone who requests one.”

Well, exactly one year later, we got in touch with Jack The Lad to see how Simon got on and it turns out that he got the Gold Card a lot easier than expected.

As far as I remember, I kept the streak going for a few weeks and needless to say, some Sunday I wasn’t looking at the work phone I lost the streak. So he won and I gave him his Gold Card as promised.”

That’s the easiest Gold Card they’ve ever parted with, we doubt they’d make the same challenge again.

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