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25th Sep 2018

PIC: One Of Ireland’s Most Famous Couples Have Split Up Under Controversial Circumstances It Seems

Darragh Berry

Once upon a time, a couple could break up and no more could be heard on the grapevine.

But, social media is a divil for being able to have a stalk on your ex-bae to see what they are up to and if they’ve moved on.

It’s also good if you want to have a dig at your ex in a way that you’ll be 100% sure they’ll see it.

The Irish Sun is reporting that The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue has allegedly split up with his girlfriend, Anne De Paula.

But the model has given a sly dig at her ex which has not gone down well with her former sister in law.

The model was branded “disrespectful” by Danny’s sister in a rant in the comments on this post which says “looking at bae” – it was posted shortly after she had split up with “bae.”

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Looking at bae like..

A post shared by ANNE DE PAULA (@annedepaula_) on

Before the model blocked her, Danny’s sister, Andi, said that:

“How disrespectful can one person be to publicly say what you have… This is where your age comes in!

“All this sort of stuff does is attract attention for the wrong reasons. How very insecure are you to need to post this sort of crap.

“I have had enough of it. I was going to DM u but hey… what’s good for the goose.

“Don’t disrespect my brother ever again like that.”

The main image is a picture of Andi’s story on Instagram which also states that the model blocked her after the comment.


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