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01st Mar 2022

Dietician warns of IV vitamin drips following the launch of ‘Get a Drip’ service at Brown Thomas

Fiona Frawley

Beauty Lounge at Brown Thomas in Dundrum with an orange, blue and beige mural on the wall and selection of salon chairs

The launch of the new Brown Thomas store at Dundrum Town Centre has been met with huge excitement, along with some questions surrounding the addition of their new ‘Get a Drip’ service.

The station located within the store’s Beauty Lounge offers IV vitamin drips, IV injections, booster shots and instant vitamin C and D testing and bespoke consultations to provide tailored beauty packages for each customer.

Following the store launch, nutritionist Orla Walsh has warned against IV nutrition therapy services, citing a lack of research as a serious concern.

“IV nutrition infusions that are currently available in retail outlets need to be made unavailable,” Walsh wrote on Instagram, “until research behind their benefit in the short and long term, as well as their risk in the short and long term, is clear,” she added.

In the post, Walsh continued:

The markup of the saline is remarkable. What is available in the hospital setting for mere cents is marked up significantly. As for the nutrients that are offered, supplements are far cheaper and safer, if they are required. 

When  the oral route is available in healthy individuals, the IV route should not be used. There is a risk with each infusions (unlike drinking a glass of water and taking a supplement) and no clear reward. 

She added that there is no need to take in these nutrients via IV, as some of them are “not considered essential” and in any case, can be “found in abundance within a varied diet”.

She suggested for anyone feeling low in energy or displaying symptoms that “feel far from normal” consult their GP.

Walsh also warned that “there can be too much of a vitamin or mineral, in the same way, there can be too little of a vitamin or mineral”, adding – “please be extra vigilant with the infusions that offer potassium. Too much potassium can stop your heart”.

A representative from Brown Thomas told Lovin:

Get A Drip is an independent operator that provides the service at Brown Thomas Dundrum. While the treatments offered by Get A Drip are relatively new to Ireland and Brown Thomas, they have been available in retail environments in the United States and the UK for quite some time. Information on the treatments are provided by qualified professionals and all customers who avail of the service will be fully assessed for their suitable for such services before every treatment. Following the opening of the Dundrum store last Thursday, we have a great reaction from customers  that has matched demand for this service in other markets.

Header image via Brown Thomas 

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