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18th Jan 2023

Dundalk spot sell out of Logan Paul’s energy drink in hours despite €15 price tag

Katy Thornton

logan paul's energy drink prime

You could get a pretty decent bottle of wine for that price.

People went crazy in the UK trying to buy Logan Paul and KSI’s hydration drink Prime from Aldi stores. So much so that Aldi Ireland had to make a statement saying they had no plans to stock the drink anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean Prime is not being sold in Ireland.

Dessert spot XXI Ice, based in Dundalk, made an announcement on Instagram for people to pre-order the drink from their site, with a hefty price tag of €15 per bottle.

To put it in context, each drink retails for $1.99, making the €15 price tag a little insane. That didn’t stop people though; XXI Ice sold out of Prime in just four hours of having it available.

For some inexplicable reason, the demand for KSI and Logan Paul’s energy drink is there, and people are willing to spend the same amount of money on it as they would a bottle of wine (and not a terribly cheap one either).

If you’re looking to get your hands on it, XXI Ice said they would keep people posted if they get anymore of the drink in stock, and we have a feeling they’ll be trying their best to given the demand.

Header image via Instagram/xxi_ice & /drinkprime

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