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20th Jan 2022

Dutch Gold lower their alcohol volume to sell cheaper cans

Katy Thornton

dutch gold cans sold for five euro

Now that’s some dedication on Dutch Gold’s part.

Since it was announced there would be a minimum unit price introduced on alcohol, there’s been pushback. Cabinet initially agreed to this in May 2021, and it officially came into effect on the 4th January 2022. Well, we’ve seen a few ways that retailers and individuals have pushed the boundaries of this rule. A Dunmanway supermarket gave out credit notes to the amount of a crate of cans for buying plastic cups, while a Joe Duffy caller stocked up on drink before the rule came in.

Now Dutch Gold have come up with their own workaround.

Turns out Dutch Gold have lowered their alcohol volume from 4% to 3.5%, which allows it to be sold for just €5.

Finglas man (@leebonnie2707) took to Twitter to show off his discovery of Dutch Gold’s genius idea.

His tweet reads:

“Dutch Gold reduced their alcohol volume to 3.5% so they can be sold at €5 hahahahahaha”

The Blindboy podcast responded to the tweet with this:

Trust Dutch Gold to see Ireland through this troubling time.

Header image via Twitter/leebonnie2707

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