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27th Oct 2021

Easkey Scarecrow Festival in Sligo is underway!

Fiona Frawley

In the mood for a spook this midterm?

Then a visit to Easkey in Sligo could be just the ticket. The village’s iconic scarecrow festival is now underway for the 8th year running, and we can’t wait to feast our eyes on all the crow creepers that pop up this year.

So far, we’ve seen a woody witch on the lookout for pirates (swipe along to see who she’s peeking out at):–AnKo/

And a brambly branch collector on the hunt for firewood:

No doubt these guys are just the start of the spine-chilling, straw-filled parade of scarecrows that will fill the streets of Easkey over the coming days. Definitely worth a visit for any spook-loving kids looking for something to do this mid term! If you’re wondering what kind of thing to expect, here are a few of our absolute favourite Easkey scarecrows from years gone by.

Kim herself would be proud of this homage.

The effort that must have gone into this Pudding Row recreation!

Any tickets for the match?

And of course, Bosco welcoming all the boys and girls to the village.

You can enjoy this years festival anytime between now and the 7th of November. We can’t wait to see the rest!

Header image via Instagram/easkeyscarecrowfestival

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